Publications and manuscripts in press are included below, categorized by field.

Statistical Genetics

  1. prs_cover.png
    Joint estimation of millions of genetic variant effects in Biobank-scale data for accurate early diagnosis and disease progression
    A. Abdel-Azim, and X. Lin
    In preparation

Cancer Genomics

  1. spectrum_cover.jpeg
    Spectrum of Germline and Somatic Mitochondrial DNA Variants in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. Frontiers in Genetics
    K. Giannikou, K. Martin, A. Abdel-Azim, and 8 more authors
    Frontiers in Genetics, Jan 2023
  2. pecoma_cover.png
    Comprehensive genomic and clinicopathologic characterization of advanced PEComa tumors with metastatic potential
    K. Giannikou, A. Abdel-Azim, J. Tsuji, and 9 more authors
    Jan In preparation
  3. peclms_cover.png
    Distinct oncogenic signatures in malignant PEComa and leiomyosarcoma identified by integrative RNA-seq and H3K27ac ChIP-seq analysis
    K. Giannikou, A. Abdel-Azim, E. Adib, and 10 more authors
    Jan In preparation


  1. phcog_cover.png
    Characterization of the Gain and Loss of Resistance to Antibiotics versus Tolerance to Honey as an Antimutagenic and Antimicrobial Medium in Extended‑Time Serial Transfer Experiments
    A. Abdel-Azim, S. Abdel-Azim, B. Piasecki, and 1 more author
    Pharmacognosy Research, Apr 2019
  2. osmotic_cover.png
    Determining the Contribution of Osmotic Stress to the Antibacterial Properties of Honey
    A. Abdel-Azim, S. Abdel-Azim, and G. Abdel-Azim
    Journal of Emerging Investigators, Mar 2019
  3. resistance_cover.jpg
    The Impact of Antibiotic Exposure and Concentration on Resistance in Bacteria
    A. Abdel-Azim, and G. Abdel-Azim
    Journal of Emerging Investigators, Oct 2016
  4. QS_cover.png
    The characterization of quorum sensing trajectories of Vibrio fischeri using longitudinal data analytics
    M. Abdel-Azim, and A. Abdel-Azim
    Journal of Emerging Investigators, Dec 2023